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On Sale Now: Camo Cuddles

Camo came to life back in 2015 when my sweet neighbor children were getting ready to say goodbye to their Air Force reservist father for six months. Only 6, 3, and almost 1 year old at the time, it was heartbreaking for them during the months leading up to deployment. Trying to think of a way to help, the idea of an elf-on-the-shelf concept book was born. Camo is placed in the window every Saturday night and returns to the child's bedroom with hugs & kisses from their loved ones on Sunday mornings.

Self-published to get the book set into their hands as quickly as possible, Camo Cuddles did his job then...and is still ready to serve today!

The picture book for military children to help them get through the deployment of their loved ones. Comes with a cuddly stuffed eagle that flies back and forth with hugs & kisses every weekend.